Cucina Cipoletti is a family-owned company dedicated to providing premium, authentic Italian pantry staples sourced directly from the heart of Italy. Founded by the Cipoletti family, their mission is to bring the joy of exceptional Italian cuisine to American families and to make quality the choice for a better life.

With a commitment to tradition and quality, Cucina Cipoletti offers a meticulously selected range of products that captures the essence of Italy in every dining experience. Cucina Cipoletti products are personally selected in Italy, ensuring that only the finest ingredients are offered to their customers. Each item is sourced directly from family-owned farmers and producers in southern Italy, known for their exceptional Italian staples. Comprised of superior-quality ingredients, these products not only celebrate the art of gathering but also evoke the essence of home in every dining experience.


The Cipoletti family, known for their cherished tradition of Sunday Supper, is proud to introduce Cucina Cipoletti, a premium purveyor of authentic Italian goods meticulously sourced from the heart of Italy and now available to discerning families stateside.

The Cipoletti family's Sunday Supper, a beloved weekly gathering, epitomizes the deep connection between food and family. In the heart of New York, Papa's special sauce and freshly made pasta serves as the centerpiece while friends and family unite around Grandma's table. This celebration is an expression of love through time-honored Italian recipes originating from the Cipoletti's ancestral city, Naples and passed down through generations.
Jenny and Freddie, the founders of Cucina Cipoletti, discovered their shared love of the Italian spirit at one such Sunday Supper. The atmosphere, the aromas, the laughter, and the love instantly forged a connection that linked their cultural backgrounds. Freddie, a third-generation Neapolitan from New York, and Jenny, who spent her childhood summers on her mother’s Tuscan olive grove, realized they both long to preserve the rich flavors of Italy.
Driven by their passion for authentic Italian cuisine and through their years of travels spent in Italy, Jenny and Freddie created Cucina Cipoletti to bring the highest-quality, genuine Italian ingredients to their family pantry and, by extension, to families across the United States. Freddie's dedication to exceptional ingredients and farm-to-table flavors and Jenny's desire to share the tastes of her childhood with her own children in New York, has led them on a journey to find the perfect ingredients.